Friday, December 08, 2006

Grace's First Christmas

My friend Anne called and asked me to take some Christmas pictures of her daughter Grace. What a sweetheart. I would photograph her any day of the week. Here are two of my favorites from her session.



Chrissie said...

Great shots! Hope you don't mind, I photoshopped this one, to make the picture pop a bit more. The baby is a bit flat (you might try angling your lights more to catch shadows on her), but I think this helps.

Chrissie said...

ok, that didn't work so well. after the "mrsraysor01" part of the path I put in my first comment, put the following, to complete the path if you want to see the pic:


Mo said...

I love the second one!

I wish I could get you to come do pictures of my neice. Since she's brand new just a month ago (16 months old) and was much awaited... I was thinking that a picture *in* that big gift box, with the lid cast aside and a lot of fluffy tissue paper would be really cute.

You should try it!