Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've (finally) been Tagged :)

Here is goes, 8 random facts about me.

1. I met my husband while I was dating his martial arts teacher. Oops :-)

2. I am trained in Classical Ballet. I even danced professionally for a few seasons while I was in high school. I then attended Point Park College in Pittsburgh for a year. But their program wasn't very good when I was there...I hear its much better now.

3. When I left college I became a massage therapist. I wanted to work in the sports therapy field but where I live those jobs are few and far between. So I ended up in a chiropractors office for 4 long years. One of the worst jobs I've ever had, but that is a story for another time.

4. I gained 70lbs when I was pregnant with my son. 20 of the pounds were fluid and were gained last 2 weeks. If you looked at me from behind I didn't look pregnant, but when I turned I would freak people out. I was even asked if I should be out by myself frequently at the end of my pregnancy.

5. I have a rare thyroid condition known as Hashimoto's Disease. It usually will show up after having children. But mine was apparently active during my pregnancy which is why I gained so much weight and why my son was so big. He was 9lbs 9oz.

6. I love anything pumpkin. Begals, cheesecake, pie, muffins, ravioli. You name it and if it has pumpkin in it I will most likely eat it.

7. My hands and feet are always freezing. They get so cold that I have trouble falling asleep sometimes. So I've learned to get a hot bath and then go straight to bed.....My husband never appreciated me trying to warm my feet up on him :-)

8. My favorite sound, other than the laughter of my son, is the sound of snow falling. I adore the stillness during a snow fall with the sound of the flakes as they land on the ground.

Chrissie R. look out you are about to get tagged. Now I need to find 7 more :-)